Time to communicate!

Podcast lover ! Welcome !

It’s been over 3 years since Podmytube was released, but I’ve never really communicated on it in any way.

And it was about time to change !

3 years that I have been working alone in my corner so that your Youtube channel is available as an audio podcast as simply as possible.

Technically, the job is done. The service works properly.
Financially, the results are positive! At last. It should say I made all possible mistakes concerning the economic model. The service earns me around 40 € every month. It is little and clearly insufficient to live on it.

My biggest mistake so far has been my silence. Making the best product available on the market is good, making it known is better.

From now on I will therefore focus on communicating more about podmytube, what I am working on, my questions, my doubts, what I plan to do in the future etc. And to do so, TADA!

The service now has a blog!

  • Wow ! unbelievable !
  • Yes you can laugh, I deserve it.

It sounds silly like this but adding a blog means posting regularly. Being on my own, that’s so much time, I won’t spend developing the product. But be it! If I want to achieve my goals, I have to get started. My goal is simple, to make Podmytube a profitable SAAS that allows me to make a living from it. I do not want to be rich, just to be serene for my family and me. But with less than 10 visitors a day it’s not ready to happen.
The blog and regular publications on it will help me develop its audience (at least I hope).

Upcoming features

Here are the things I would like to do in the next few weeks:

  • measuring the number of downloads of episodes.
  • allow the addition of an audio extract before / after (an intro / outro for example) on each of the episodes of a podcast.

If you have any suggestions you can let me know by clicking on the Whastapp logo (on the bottom right corner).
Sure ! You can call me and speak to me directly ?