My first monthly review on Podmytube. This is a thing I’m planning to do every month so if you see something that is missing feel free to tell me :). You will get what I’ve done this month, the podmytube figures and what I’m planning for october.

What I’ve done this month

To begin with this review, I’ve two big announcements on Podmytube.

First is this new blog. I told you about it last post but this is it. I have a brand new system to tell you what happened on Podmytube and I will use it as frequently as possible. Remember I’m alone on this project :).

Secondly, I fixed my alerting system. Yes I have one alerting system that is warning me for every video that should be added to the podcast which hasn’t. From now, when a video is not converted past some time I will receive one warning to check what’s happening. The previous system was sending too much alerts that were false positives. Now every alert will be a serious one. Hope I will not receive it too often ?

I am sure that this functionality is not what you expected the most, however it will allow me to provide a better quality of service.

September figures ?️

In France (my country) it’s not usual to be transparent on company figures. Most of the times, companies does not communicate on these, trying to keep it secret. I will not do that. A lot of startups are communicating their figures. I will do so too. my numbers are pretty poor so far but i plan to grow them quickly.

Web analytics

Last month I started to use it’s like Google analytics BUT it doesn’t track my user and it’s a paid analytic service. So it will not use my visitor’s data and do not require me to install a banner “please accept my cookies” on the web site.

  • Monthly visitors : 100 (I already said my figures were poor ?️)
  • Main referers : Google, Sogou (asian search engine) and (my favorite French entrepreneur community ?️)
  • Main countries : France, USA and China

If you want to know more on my analytics, all is available here.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and costs.

Yes I am about to tell you how much Podmytube earns and costs me too. Podmytube is earning me some money, it’s not that much but it’s always good to take.

In September I earned 78,24€ (the MRR) and my costs were 33,67€. I’m paying for :

Net income : 44,57€ ?️?️

October roadmap

What I’m planning to do in October. For the main part I will speak to each of my customers and users. I want to know each of you a lot more. The things I would want to know :

  • Why did you choose Podmytube ?
  • What does it bring to you ?
  • What are the things that I can keep and/or stop doing ?
  • What are the next feature you would like to see on Podmytube ?

This kind of questions. In fact there are a lot of things I would like to develop but before starting I would like to know which ones are really important to you.

In my todo list :

  • Downloads per episode/show : a feature to get the number of downloads per episode for your show.
  • Intro/Outro file : a feature to add on every video converted one intro and/or one outro. To add a call to action for your podcast.
  • Another platform to support : Actually I’m only supporting Youtube, perhaps you would like Podmytube to support Twitch or Vimeo ?

I almost forgot. I will change all my plans. The free plan will get some more restrictions. I’m thinking to only one episode will be included freely. The paying plans will be changed too. Names ans prices will change for all of them. I’m thinking to plans like

  • Starter for the free plan with only one episode included / month and actual restrictions.
  • Professional for the first paying plan with 6 episodes included / month (29€/month)
  • Business with 20 episodes / month (99€/month)

If you already subscribed to one plan nothing is changing for you. If you plan to subscribe in the next few month you should take a quick decision ?

Have a wonderful day !