The Podmytube referral program is online and I will describe here, how you can get real money by referring Podmytube.

Referral program principle

Do you know the principle of sponsorship? No ? Then, let me explain.
You like a product or a service?
You talk about it to your friends, your family, your entourage or your community and each time one of these people subscribes/purchases the product/service, you get a commission.
Well, for Podmytube it’s the same

Who is Podmytube for?

Podmytube is for every Youtube channel owner who want to make it available as a podcast.

How does it work?

You talk about Podmytube and you give your referral code (or referral link),
Then, for each new subscriber who is using your referral code, you receive the first 4 payments in full.

A concrete case

Make it brief : In the end, if your referral choose :

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

I wanted this system to be safe, simple and financially attractive 🤑, I hope it will suit you.

Tell me what you think about it.