The audience measurement is in place 😳. Downloads are recorded, counted and you can even view them from the dashboard. Yes ! You are not dreaming you can see some analytics in the dashboard !

In this post I’ll explain you the next step of my plan to make Podmytube 💗 .

At first let’s talk about the analytics. You probably ignore it but, a few days ago, I started to record the number of times your episodes are being donwloaded. And yesterday evening (Europe/Paris), I made these figures available to you.

It means that from now you can check how many times your episodes are being downloaded.
The best is yet to happen …

Let’s talk about indicators or rather THIS indicator, the number of downloads.
The number of downloads is THE benchmark to evaluate the audience of a podcast in the industry. This indicator is, as a result, very popular with the advertising agencies that operate on the podcast universe.

You know where I’m going and you are right. Yes, my idea is to allow you to MONETIZE your podcast via these same advertising agencies.

The principle is quite simple, the more your audience is, the more your podcast is likely to interest the advertising agencies. And this audience is measured in number of downloads per episode.

The most common figures are, between 500 and 1000 downloads per episode you will get ~ $ 23

Let’s do a quick calculation
Podmytube charges you 9€ per month for 5 episodes.
The advertising get you 10€ per episode x 5 episodes = 50€ (Note that I take a very low estimate of your earnings).
This would still give you a small profit of 50€ – 9€ = 41€/month.

hopopop find the brake and stop the train! Are you telling me that, if, tomorrow or even today, I subscribe to podmytube, I’ll get an audio podcast from my youtube channel AND I will earn money?

Well, to be honest, YES ! 🤑
At first you’ll have to evaluate your audience 📊 (1 or 2 weeks?), and, if you approach 500 downloads per episode, chances are you’ll make money pretty quickly.

But let’s get rid of the things that make it hard to do right away:

  • Obviously if you don’t want ads there won’t be any.
  • All the ads revenues on your podcast will be for you, entirely. I will not take any commission. Besides, I will probably not even intervene (I hope) (except as a technical intermediary).
  • On the other hand once the system of advertising monetization in place, I will increase significantly the rates of Podmytube. It seems fair to me 😇
  • In the same way that I will not receive any income, I will not have any control over the advertisements which will be diffused on your podcast, it will be something between the ads network and you.

For those who are not interested in this monetization system, I invite you to take a look at the Podmytube public roadmap.