With this post, I start a new way to inform you about what’s happening on Podmytube.
And to start it off, I’m going to tell you about the registration process and the frustration it causes.

Currently when you want to start transforming your YouTube channel into a podcast with Podmytube, you start by recording yourself. Classical.

You type your informations (name, first name, email address and confirmation) and once done you get yourself on the “dashboard”.

From this page you can click on the link “add a podcast”. Then you just need to enter the url of your Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxxxxxxxxxx) and the rest follows.

Soon after, a podcast is generated with the latest episodes… victory … 🍾
Except that, this is only the theory.

My recording process totally sucks. 💩

Following it as I just described, a user will indeed get a podcast, but in the old free version. That is, with only one episode per month with 3 episodes max.

Someone who clicked on the registration link from the price page will be

  • surprised (pleasantly?) : Hey it’s not asking for my credit card 🤑
  • disappointed to see only one episode in his feed when he is supposed to enjoy 30 days free. 🤔
  • disappointed, because of course he will have created his account, but as I communicate very little live or by automatic mails he will never know that he has reached his quota of episodes nor that he can solve this situation by paying. 🤫

I need to change this

When the user clicks on “Add a podcast” :

  • send him/her to the registration form.
  • once submitted
    • his/her channel is then created (but inactive)
  • user is then redirected to the payment form

It would be better.

What do you think ?