The year 2020 has been very rich in news and unexpected events. Of course, I’m speaking about COVID, but not only. 2020 is finished, so I wish you a better new year 2021. We survived 2012 and 2020 so life can only increase isn’t it ? ?

In this post I will share with you what are the things I’m expecting to do in the early part of this new year. So let’s go.

So let’s start with the new features I’m planning to release on Podmytube.

Playlist management ⚡

Soon after I first launched Podmytube I’ve added a way to generate a podcast from a playlist. Part for the challenge part for the fun. The behind the scene is fully automatized but there is no possibility for a user to manage his/her playlist. All the operations need to be made by me. Changing cover or simply activate one and the the podcast url is not possible at the moment. Fact is, some of my customers are using this feature.

It’s not a huge work for me to do it manually and interact with the database, but I feel the need to improve this part for these customers. If they want to change their cover they should not have to ask me to do this with email exchange and so on.

So I’m working on it and this should be available this month. It will allow paying users to :

  • select a playlist from their channel and create another podcast from it.
  • change the cover for this podcast
  • get the rss feed url of it in order to submit it on every podcast catalog.

Add exclusive content

Last year, I was discussing with Jean-Baptiste Viet, a french youtuber and former colleague of me and he told me something really interesting. On his channel, he is publishing short videos (10-15 min long), but sometimes he is recording long interview (1 hour long) and these interviews have no place on his channel. So he is shortening the interview to a short video and publish only this short part. What a waste !

He would have loved to be able to publish it on his podcast channel and promote it. ? What a great idea !

Soon after the release of the playlists feature, I will add the possibility to upload audio episodes to your podcast in addition to those on youtube. It will bring podmytube closer to a classic podcast hosting platform ?.

Affiliation ?

This feature is still very vague in my head. The fact is, I’m not as good or at ease with communication as you are and I tell myself that if I could allow you to earn some money while promoting my service it might be interesting for both of us.
In my mind, I will offer you the first N months of a paid subscription that you have promoted.

Your referral subscribes to the paid version, I will pay you back his entire subscription, and this for the first N months. I’m still not sure about the duration of it, so if you have suggestions.

Free plan removal

Later in the year (before June I hope), I’m planning to remove the free plan and replace it with a one month free trial. The fact is, Podmytube is a one person project and free support is taking much of my time while costing me some money. Otherwise rare, or even no channel has gone from the free version to the paid version.

If you really love Podmytube and the service it is offering please consider become a premium user, I will appreciate ?

tell me in the comments which feature excites you the most and, again, I wish you a better new year 2021 ?