It’s something I often announced for soon, so much so that I even lost a customer but here it is, analytics are coming on Podmytube.

No, this time it’s for real, to be totally accurate, the audience measurement is already in place. Yes you are not dreaming the podcast download logs are already processed to extract the number of downloads and those data are stored so that it can be easily retrieved.

At the time of writing, there only the display part left to be coded. In order not to stall so close to the finish line, I’m going to do something simple to display :

  • the number of downloads over the last 30 days
  • the number of downloads over the current month

Once this is in place I will work on producing something nicer like curves.
I’ll need your feedback to know what I do next. I have several ideas like :

  • a weekly email report (every Monday) @PlausibleHQ does this 👍
  • customization of curves to the max

but before I launch into something useless tell me if you prefer something else.

How it works

For now, every hour I process the download logs for the audio files.
The real time is not planned, I confess that I don’t see much use for it (but tell me if I’m wrong).

These logs are processed and the results are saved in a database.

Only files that have been downloaded/streamed at 80% are included in the calculation of downloads. Yes I know that the classic podcast applications count them differently

  • Spotify: from 60 seconds of listening
  • Apple: from 1 second
  • Google: from 5 seconds

It seems strange to me to count a download as soon as the subscriber starts playing but if that’s what the “industry” wants I’ll adapt.

On that note, I’ll go back to the reporting.

Have a nice day !