I have just deployed a feature that was strongly suggested to me. Ok I released it last year but as usual I didn’t tell anyone about it and so of course no one knows about it. What am I talking about?

The addition of exclusive content.

– what ?

Imagine 🦄

You dream of doing an interview with (person of your choice).

You manage to get in touch with this person.

Better and better, you agree to do this interview with them.

Total joy you even manage to schedule this interview 📆.

After several days/weeks you are finally there, the interview starts.

It goes very well, you discuss a lot, it’s very interesting and of course you record everything to put it on your YouTube channel 🎥.

The interview ends (almost 1h30) and everyone is delighted.

You start to edit the video and … 🤦

Damn, til now, you were publishing short video no longer than 10-15 min and only once a week. How will the YouTube algorithm react with this new format.

So you realize that you won’t be able to put the whole interview on your channel or that it will take you several weeks to broadcast all the interesting parts of this great talk.

This interview was so great, you would love to be able to put it at your community’s disposal in its more raw and not truncated version… but how ? 😇

That’s when you remember that some time ago you took a (cheap) subscription to Podmytube. Yes, you know, this service that turns your YouTube channel into an audio podcast (and hosts it for you).

Well, this service also allows you to add an episode directly to your podcast without going through the YouTube channel.

To do so, you just have to connect to your personal space and go to the “episodes” part of your podcast.

Fill in the form, upload the sound track (the mp3) and your fans will have the joy of seeing this interview appear in their feed and will be able to listen to it at leisure.

Sounds like a good story to me 😉