It’s the end of the year so, first of all, I wish you a happy holiday season and hope you had a merry Christmas.
For this article I’m just going to take stock of the past year and try to plan what I want for Podmytube in 2022. We’ll see if I can do it.

To summarize the year 2021 of Podmytube in one word I would say “fatigue”.

I started to work on Podmytube at the end of 2016 (during Christmas vacations) and it’s been 5 years 🎂 since it’s a side project for which I spent a lot of hours, met a lot of bugs and other support while it only brings me some pocket money.

It’s hard to stay motivated in these cases.

So 2021 has been very quiet on Podmytube. I released only one real “big” feature, the addition of exclusive episodes. Like always 😔, I didn’t communicate about it, so of course I only have one customer who is really using it. A bit frustrating to work on a feature that is so little used.

I’ve also started working on audience measurement but it’s REALLY a lot of work and I’m afraid it will bring me more support than clients.
Having worked in the audience measurement business, it’s often difficult to explain why there is a big difference in numbers between 2 analytic tools.
And with the podcast, I can already see myself having to explain why I’m giving out this number while Spotify and Apple are going to give out another one.
These 2 factors make me not move very fast on this feature.

For the rest, a lot of support, technical tasks, investigations and tests to make sure that the service works properly.

A small spike occurred at the end of the year with the departure of a customer for a competitor (Listenbox). Even if I was surprised to see a competitor “take” a customer from me, it gave me a boost. I said to myself, damn, this means that the service would have more potential than I think? Well, we’ll see!

And so, for 2022 …

If I want Podmytube to sky rocket 🚀 I need to communicate more on it. So my first goal will be to publish at least 2 blog posts per month. This is something I should have started a long time ago.

How can I blame my lack of success, if I don’t even talk about what I’m doing on Podmytube, if I let people believe that the project is not moving, in short that it is 💀 or on the decline?

Obviously I plan to add some features. The 4 main ones will be :

  • podmytube will become an open source 📖
  • I will handle video podcasts as an option 🎬
  • analytics/audience measurement 📈
  • pre/post sounds to have generic introduction/conclusion on your podcast.

As a bonus I will review my YouTube channel registration process. I talked about it in the previous post but it is still as bad.

Of course I’ll keep updating my public roadmap and I will improve my cockpit to better see where I am in my goals (by adding my monthly audience on it for example)